“What a beautiful energy Hands of an Angel has. The staff are always warm and welcoming.
I always feel at ease when I come here. Keep up the good work. Thanks for the experience”

A Bounder

“Telephone Service 10/10, warm and welcoming. Very pleasant opening 1st impression through the door. Got a smile from Jayne and that was enough to set me at ease. Immediately felt relaxed and comfortable, but think that was as much to do with personal warmth of Jayne. Jayne gets 10/10 WOW!!! Excellent in fact, I would say that it was easily the most professional outstanding service I have experienced in the UK”

J Wilson

“Wow! First visit didn’t want the treatment to end, didnt want to leave afterwards, but stay savouring the warmth. Very relaxing atmosphere, lovely, pleasant staff. Jayne you are wonderful”


“My Reiki experience with Jayne was very different to any other Reiki treatment I had ever had before. I was very relaxed throughout the treatment both times but, every now and again I felt a cold sensation come up my body to the point where I was freezing”

Jackie Kimmins

“You are my Angel. The only one who can get my muscles back to normal?”


“Jaynes hands were really cold but I could feel intense heat when she was working around my head. There was also a bright white light that was coming from the top of my head as if all the stress was being released. I felt that I was gently floating off the bed and a few times when Jayne moved down to my legs I felt a slight tingling sensation”

Julie Southgate

“I seemed to float away. I relaxed very well and could feel aches and pains lift away from me. My arm, neck, back, foot and elbow seemed to buzz and tingle as I lay there in a suspended state. Its hard to explain but it really is a wonderful experience”

Lawrence Laidlow

“In the last few months I have had the pleasure to experience three Reiki sessions by Jayne. Reiki is a strange experience that cannot be explained and leaves me baffled to find an answer to it. All I can say it that it has to be tried to be believed”

Kay Newbury

“Wonderful facial. Very relaxing and excellent service. Your well looked after…..Thank you!”

Tracy and Jan Whitlock

“Great as usual, keeps the old bones from seezing up. Thanks Jayne”

John Walker

“Thoroughly relaxing after a stressful week! Thanks again!”

Natalie Truslove