terms and conditions


Costs: All prices shown are applicable at the time the booking is taken, however special offers and price changes may occur. Please check website for further details and information. The full payment for each treatment is to be paid upon completion by either cash or bank transfer.

Cancellations by us: In the unlikely event that we may need to change your appointment, we reserve the right to do so. Should this occur we will contact you at the earliest opportunity to inform you of the change and offer an alternative time/date at a time that is convenient to yourself.

Cancellations by the client: We would appreciate a minimum of 24 hours notice should you wish to cancel your appointment. Failure to do so may result in a small charge being requested.

Personal information: All clients will be asked to provide personal information (as per company code) before your initial treatment commences. Information requested will include name, address, telephone number, DOB and any medical conditions. This is for our records and shall not be disclosed to any other source. Should any information change, we request that we be informed at the earliest opportunity.

Our company and its employees expect to be able to work in a safe and professional environment.

Our staff offers the best expertise in their skill range and expect that the clients will fully understand that only services referred to in the brochures are on offer.

We will not tolerate abuse or innuendo either in a verbal or physical way.

The management will expect our clients to be as respectful of the staff and management team as we are of our clients.

This business is about Holistic Services and no other. Any client who breaches our trust and refers to any other services will be refused any treatment they have previously booked.

All our clients must adhere to our professional standards and be covered during all sessions, this is part of our companies code of conduct to ensure our insurances and reputations.

The consultation is a holistic approach to matters concerning the spiritual, mental, psychological, emotional and physical aspects of the clients life, and that they are participating in a scientific and holistic experiment. The Therapist may try to provide them with information that might help to achieve a positive improvement in the clients lifestyle, though this cannot be guaranteed. The client should have no medical or psychiatric condition that may effect their interpretation of the consultation and that they voluntary seek these services for themselves and assume full responsibility for their decision.

They also accept that they are paying for therapist’s time and not necessarily for the results obtained.

We thank you for reading this statement and fully understanding our professional standards.