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Pregnancy Massage

 A soothing heat treatment followed by a relaxing back massage. This massage is complimented with the heat from the paraffin wax. The paraffin wax is applied to the back before the massage, helping with lymph drainage and soothing aching muscles.

How does it work?

A massage creates time for you to deeply relax and connect with your body and your baby. Pregnancy massage can be carried out from 14-40 weeks. There are many physical and emotional changes that occur during pregnancy these can be anything from stress, nausea to muscular pains and discomfort. A massage treatment is a safe place where you can receive confidential support, reassurance and a nurturing touch. Postnatal massage is considered up to a year after the birth, however, the first 6weeks after delivery the treatments are more gentle and relaxing, focusing on soothing and rest. After the initial 6 weeks then the treatment will be adjusted to help relieve and aches and pains of caring for a baby.