no hands massage image NO HANDS MASSAGE is a dynamic new form of massage that is seen across the world as one of the most powerful new theraputic massage treatments available.

No Hands Structural Release

no hands massage imageUsing the newest and deepest bodywork techniques in the world, you can free up your spine, neck and hips so they can function how they were always meant to function.

No Hands Colon Massage

no hands massage imageWorking gently and deeply, it allows the muscles of your major elimination organ to regain health. Your whole body's health depends on the proper functioning of your bowels.

No Hands Full Body Massage

no hands massage imageOne powerful flowing massage treatment to leave you feeling nurtured and rejuvenated.

No Hands Back Massage

no hands massage imageRelease all the tension from your spine, hips and neck. Bliss!

No Hands Head Massage

no hands massage imageA comprehensive massage of the whole head, neck, face and shoulders! It can help you to release tension throughout your whole being...

No Hands Foot Massage

no hands massage imageAn amazingly deep treatment that will leave your whole body feeling transformed...