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The most ancient healing therapy.

NO HANDS® MASSAGE is a dynamic new form of Massage that is seen across the world as one of the most powerful new theraputic massage treatments available.

60 mins £35.00
30 mins £25.00

NO HANDS® Full Body Massage.
One powerful flowing massage treatment to leave you feeling nurtured and rejuvenated.

NO HANDS® Structural Release Massage.
Using the newest and deepest bodywork techniques in the world, you can free up your spine, neck and hips so they can function how they were always meant to function.

NO HANDS® Back Massage.
Release all the tension from your spine, hips and neck. Bliss!

NO HANDS® Colon Massage.
Working gently and deeply, it allows the muscles of your major elimination organ to regain health. Your whole body's health depends on the proper functioning of your bowels.

NO HANDS® Head Massage.
A comprehensive massage of the whole head, neck, face and shoulders! It can help you to release tension throughout your whole being...

NO HANDS® Foot Massage.
An amazingly deep treatment that will leave your whole body feeling transformed...


There are numerous types of massage, but perhaps the most popular and commonly known is Swedish Massage. Swedish massage is used not only to relax the body, but to increase the overall health of the person receiving it. One of the most popular reasons to receive a massage is to relieve the amount of tension and stress that you may feel.

Full Body Swedish Massage

Tailored to be either very invigorating or relaxing, depending upon your requirements.

80 mins £45.00

Swedish Massage

A relaxing massage to de-stress, release built up tension and gently soothes away muscle stiffness.

60 mins £32.00

Back Shoulder & Neck Massage*
Hands & Feet Massage*
Leg Massage*


*All of these treatments last approximately 30 mins


Deep Tissue & Myofascial Release

In the treatment a variety of techniques are used to deeply penetrate the muscles and the fascia, loosening them and releasing tension.

60 mins £40.00
45 mins £30.00
30 mins £25.00
Kinesiology taping £5.00 extra

Scar Tissue Release Therapy

Works three dimensionally and realigns the tissue from the starting point to the end point.

30 mins £25.00

Sports Pre & post event massage

Helps the athlete prepare for, or recover from, a specific competitive event.

30 mins £25.00


Ultrasound is the most effective method to heating dense and deep tissues that connect to the bone, such as ligament or joint capsule.
20 mins £25.00


Hydrotherm Full Body

Two pillows filled with warm water kept at a pleasurable 37 degrees, allowing you to remain face up for the entire massage. Your body is supported in natural spinal alignment.

With Ayurvedic Oil 60 mins £45.00
With Base Oil 60 mins £41.00

Hot Stone Therapy

Hot Stone therapy is a complete body, mind and soul treatment. Warm stones are used during your massage treatment to stimulate metabolism and circulation. Can help balance our body's core temperature and is especially good for lymph drainage, cellulite and skin tone.

80 mins £45.00
Back, Neck & Shoulder with Stones 45 mins £27.00

Aroma Massage

A very relaxing treatment which involves slow penetrating massage using essential oils blended for the individual clients needs. They may help a variety of ailments and conditions such as aches and pains, stress, depression and headaches.

Full Body 80 mins £45.00
Back, Neck and Shoulders 30 mins £25.00

Indian Head Massage

Can be either relaxing or invigorating depending upon your requirements. Includes: full back, shoulders, neck, scalp and some pressure points on the face.

With Ayuvedic Oils 45 mins £32.00
With La Stone Therapy 45 mins £32.00
With Base Oil 45 mins £28.50


Reiki/Seichem Massage

An Eastern form of ancient healing complemented with a therapeutic back massage.

60 mins £45.00


A form of healing using universal life energy,helping to relieve stress, anxiety and insomnia. It has been known to accelerate healing following an illness or surgery. Reiki can stimulate, balance and restore the body's natural defence system and your own energy levels.

45mins £30.00
Including Chakra & Aura Balancing 60mins £35.00

Thermal Ear Candle

Indian relaxation ceremony, calms the mind soothes the head & ears, can ease earache, headaches, ear noise, stress and nervousness.

45 mins £28.00

Warm Candle Massage

Soothe your body,mind and soul with a Body Candle Massage.When lit, the Orli massage candle melts into a warm sumptuous massage oil. This warm oil of natural butters can then be drizzled over the skin for a wonderful massage treatment to melt away tension and delicately nourish skin.

80 mins £45.00
60 mins £35.00
30 mins £30.00

Bamboo Fusion Massage

This is a unique new therapy that relaxes tight muscles-instantly and painlessly. Releasing stress, tension while relieving aches and pains.

Full body 60 mins £35.00
30 mins £25.00


The Neurostructural Integration Technique (NST) is a dynamic and skilful professional bodywork technique, which cleverly alerts the body's innate healing wisdom to be activated. The resultant effect of this is a comprehensive re-organisation of the musculature of the body characterised by a lasting relief from pain and dysfunction plus an increase in energy levels. The response is most often profoundly effective and sometimes miraculousThis method of pain relief causes the patient to relax deeply.
Relaxation is followed by a spontaneous automatic correction within the muscular, nervous, visceral and endocrine systems.
NST is highly effective for relieving back, neck, shoulder, wrist, knee and ankle pain and pain from accidents and sporting injuries.

60 mins £35.00
45 mins £30.00
30 mins £25.00


Massage Cupping
An ancient technique has found its place in the modern world of healing. Massage cupping is a modified version of the common practice of cupping therapy, used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), and the results that this simple treatment produces are impressive. Through suction and negative pressure, massage cupping releases rigid soft tissue; drain excess fluids and toxins; loosen adhesions and lift connective tissue; and bring blood flow to stagnant skin and muscles.

60 mins £40.00
45 mins £30.00
25 mins £25.00


Hydrating & Exfoliating Back Massage.

This treatment combines a relaxing back, neck & shoulder massage followed by a glove rub down of a salt scrub whichis a hydrating & exfoliating, helping to eliminate dead skin cells, while leaving the skin feeling soft and the muscles relaxed.

60 mins £35.00

Paraffin Wax Back Massage

Heat Therapy can be used to reduce pain, increasing local or general circulation, increasing soft tissue, extensibility and generally improves healing,post-acute and chronic injuries.

45 mins £30.00


A massage creates time for you to deeply relax and connect with your body and your baby. Pregnancy massage can be carried out from 14-40 weeks. There are many physical and emotional changes that occur during pregnancy these can be anything from stress, nausea to muscular pains and discomfort.
A massage treatment is a safe place where you can receive confidential support, reassurance and a nurturing touch.

60 mins £35.00
80 mins £45.00

Postnatal massage is considered up to a year after the birth, however, the first 6weeks after delivery the treatments are more gentle and relaxing, focusing on soothing and rest. After the initial 6 weeks then the treatment will be adjusted to help relieve and aches and pains of caring for a baby.

60 mins £35.00